Our Clients


We partner with local and international non-governmental organizations that are involved in humanitarian efforts, promotion of health and education in rural and urban communities, climate change and environmental protection efforts among others. We carry out feasibility studies for new projects, field surveys and analysis for ongoing projects as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects. Through these partnerships, we provide detailed insights into the works of these organizations that could be important in their efforts to obtain funding, technical or financial support in both new and ongoing projects to enable them achieve their objectives.


We work with the media to ensure the relaying of up to date and accurate trends in the society particularly in the fields of lifestyle, opinions on trending political, legal and social topics of the day. With our social and political scientists we are able to capture and analyze the mood of the typical urbanites (or whichever cohort under study) that will enable the media relay accurate and informative statistics. Through working with the media, we also seek to bring out issues, challenges and successes of communities that have adopted non-conventional lifestyles in different parts of Africa and the world.


Before starting, expanding or growing your business enterprise, visit FYI for a detailed market survey study. We undertake detailed analysis of consumer behavior, consumer preferences, consumer likes and dislikes, the influence of competitors among other factors that have direct and indirect influence on the success of your planned activity. Through our studies, you will be in a better position to make a more informed decision that will enable you achieve both your personal and business ambitions.


In politics it’s always an advantage to have unbiased knowledge as to the mood of your constituents always because their preferences, likes and dislikes are always shifting. FYI will keep you abreast with your current or targeted constituents through informative opinion polls that do not just inform but analyze trends, preference ranking analyses and popularity scale ranking analysis. Our opinion polls also take into consideration the influences and effects of psychological, behavioral and other psychosocial influences that affect choice. As political campaigns during elections continue to embrace the use of scientific methods, when setting up a campaign secretariat consider partnering with us to get that edge over your competition.