About Us

FYInfo research consultancy is an innovative research company that aims to make research fun, creative and informative. We specialize in the provision of professional services in market research, opinion polling, feasibility studies, methodology development and socio- economic and demographic analysis.

FYI is comprised of a team of young dynamic professionals who are out to change the face of research through employing the use of creative methods for data capture and analysis. Our team is made up of professionals in the fields of Urban and Regional planning, Psychology, marketing, environmental studies, Statistics and Sociology with an eye for detail and excellence.

We adapt the use of the latest analytical tools and processes in our work in order to achieve the most accurate findings for our clients. To us, each study is a unique platform to showcase our commitment to excellence, creativity and passion in our work.


As our name suggests, (FYI- For Your Information), our key objective is to inform our clients through research with emphasis on just what we do but how we do it.