Informing our clients through research
with emphasis not just what we do but how we do it
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Our Services

Opinion Polling

Analysis of general population perceptions and opinions on trending national, political, social and economic issues. Our opinion polls go to an extra level of scientific analysis incorporating the use of psychological, statistical and behavioral concepts.

Methodology Development

We develop customized methodologies for quantitative and qualitative data collection to achieve your project objectives. We also develop methodologies for big scale projects and feasibility studies that employ scientific processes and involve huge sample sizes or entire populations.

Market Research

Analysis of consumer behavior, consumer preferences, likes and dislikes, market share analysis, and the analysis of these effects on new products. We also analyze the effects of competitors, the influence of advertising, product pricing and other factors that affect the sales of products in new markets.

Field Data Collection and Analysis

We undertake scientific based household, individual, key informant or target group data collection exercises using a range of effective modern scientific data collection tools and methods. We also develop tools for the collection of this data to ensure efficient capturing of the relevant data. In addition, we also undertake the analysis of this data.

Feasibility Studies

Pre project studies in both urban and rural areas; community and client analysis for commercial, humanitarian or social objectives.

Urban and Rural Areas Socioeconomic and Demo Graphic Surveys

Collection and analysis of urban and rural area demographics and sectorial issues including transportation, urban and rural area socio-economics, environmental issues, housing and other infrastructure analysis.

How We Work

At FYI we are guided by the principles of teamwork, creativity, innovation and strength in diversity. We also value our staff and accord them the freedom to pursue their personal and professional endeavors by cutting down on face to face meetings and office time only to when necessary. We therefore encourage online meetings and communication with minimum paperwork as part of our contribution to environmental protection. Despite this flexible work environment, we strictly emphasize on high quality work and adherence to project timelines and professional ethics.

Focus on youth empowerment and employment by engaging a young, diverse and creative workforce. As currently constituted, our permanent staff has an average age of 25 years with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Environmental protection as our contribution to combating negative climate change. We encourage minimum travel to work by allowing our staff to work online in addition to a zero paperwork policy in the office. In the future FYI intends to invest in a modern energy efficient green building for our offices.

Empowering women at the work place by encouraging ladies to take leadership and other decision making roles.

Embracing technology in our work as a means of increasing efficiency, accuracy and quality of our work

Keeping the work environment fun, friendly and productive by encouraging the freedom of expression in speech, ideas and thought among our staff despite their age, gender or rank.

Motivated and encouraging them to acquire additional academic and other personal skills that enhance their knowledge and improve their quality of work. All our staff are high quality professionals in their respective fields having graduated tops in their classes.

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